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Foto Motivausschnitt Fenstergesims aus Sandstein mit Schrift: Radebeul exklusiv Bildband Das Vorwort
Foto Schloss Hofloessnitz mit Bismarckturm auf den Weinbergen in Radebeul

Nestled in the valley of the River Elbe, on the Saxon Wine Route, lies the town of Radebeul: between Dresden, the former court seat, in the east and Meißen, the former bishops’ seat, in the west, between the riverside meadows and orchards in the south and the sloped vineyards on the Lößnitz hills in the north.

Its geographical location and its place in cultural history have always inspired the creativity and ingenuity of locals and visitors alike. Admirers have given the town flowery epithets such as “Pearl of the Lößnitz”, the garden town, the town of wine, the town of villas or even “the Nice of Saxony”.

The coexistence of old village centres, some few multi-storey blocks of flats, houses set in park-like gardens, modest wine-growers’ houses, stately mansions, and discreetly elegant or showy villas makes up the charm of the Lößnitz1, a town landscape whose origin lies in ten villages.

To this day, the grapevines in what is one of the northernmost wine-growing areas in Europe, on the steep slopes of the Lößnitz hills, are cultivated by hand.

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ISBN: 978-3-927656-20-8. linen, 192 p., 164 color pictures-
30,0 x 24,0 cm, 19,90 EUR[D].

Foto Motivausschnitt Schmalspurbahn in Radebeul

At intervals the whistle of the narrow-gauge railway’s steam locomotives and the horn of the paddle wheel steamers on the River Elbe are heard all over the town.

Once a year the town even welcomes “American Indians” from all parts of the globe – from places as distant as Tombstone, Arizona, and Vladivostok.

Day by day the town’s charms and glamour, bustle and peacefulness attract visitors.

Even kings have appreciated this. The Saxon electors John George I, John George II, Augustus the Strong and his son, Augustus III, left lasting marks in Radebeul.

ISBN: 978-3-927656-20-8, 192 pages, 164 color pictures, dimensions: 30,0 x 24,0 cm, 19,90 EUR[D]Foto Motivausschnitt Tor zur Schlossanlage Hofloessnitz in Radebeul

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